Deadline 31st of October 2014 to contribute for the worldwide urban bike meeting 2-5 juin 2015 VELOCITY in Nantes, France:


  • What can one person do to go from 2 to 10% daily bikers in 2020 in France & Great Brittain, also in medium-sized cities and towns?
  • What can one mother do to guide her children so they can bike safely to school  a during a 3km trip ?
  • What can I do and how can my work, energy and investments serving to all be paid for?

These are the questions that guide me on to this moment. So here I am, my name is Judith UN, owner of E-COMMoBILE, Urban Biking Initiator and Volonteer of the French Road Safety association. And I’m so grateful to be here with you!

Allow me to share quickly some context with you. In the year:

  • 1999 I came to Burgundy leaving Utrecht behind. This city is one of 5 bike friendly cities in the world, says CNN.
  • 1973 I started urban biking, so 40 years ago.
  • 2007 VELOsurSAONE, a french daily biking association saw the light in Burgundy and I became member
  • 2011 I was licenced du to the house market recession and the jobcentre approved of my project Ecomobile Bourgogne
  • 2012 I started up ECOMMoBILE Conseil to help changing mentality into a sustainable mobility bottom up.
  • 2012 VELOsurSaone’s Urban Biking School became reality with now over 150 persons trained.
  • 2014 I manage the the Active Mobility Centre project with help of the Agence Ecomobility in Chambery, the Biking House in Toulouse,  the Happy re Cycling movement in Dijon, the local Solidary Economic Agency and 100 other great persons.

So let me try something new: « What makes me the most angry are people who are stuck in a box, complain a lot and do nothing about it. My passion concerns the balance of biking and sustainable mobility. If I combine these two my mission would be to start in the heart of anciened Europe an International Cargo Bike Coaching Centre for professionnals to teach how they can transport children aged 0-7 years. 

Now what does this really need in order to succeed ? Well, how about taking some international juristes and insurance experts on a urban bike tour and talk business?

We already have very nice roads and bikes, but it takes more to actually share them.  In order to change behavior we need a confortable secure environnement with clear ground rules. Coaches, teachers & experts to transfer their savoir-vivre are already at our disposal.

However, a legal frame does not exist in Europe and insurance companies hardly garantee creation. Dear people, this is what we need: a « fucking » dream team as Mikael says of brave hearts wanting to dive into all the boxes of « Yes, but … » meaning all these reasons blocking 98% of the french and brittish to use a bike on a daily basis. And ask yourself this question: why do children need to learn to bike and find their our own balance ?

So. Now which adult wants to make a stand to make it happen? Right now, here, in presence of the world? Who wants to hop on? Randy, Mikael, Genevieve, Richard, Olivier,  Aletta? This is about how we can save 90% Co2 in daily mobility for consumers, about how we can restore the problem solving capacities of blocked people and about the transversal empowering of daily biking. How about some open minds and open communication?

Here’s the challenge: let’s start the Cargo Bike Coaching Centre in September 2015 during the European Mobility Week. I already enjoy looking forward to working with you:  we make the future, the future is now: can you feel it ?

Thank you!


À propos de ECOMMoBILE France

Project Eco Mobility Burgundy since 25/11/2011 Status Professional Trainee Chalon sur Saône 336 31 79 03 20 skype ecomoblie71 facebook ecommobile google Judith / Projet Eco Mobilité Member of associations FUB, French Federation of Bike Users, VELOsurSAONE and Road Safety in SAONE-ET-LOIRE, BURGUNDY, FRANCE

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