We wish you health, balance & happyness! 

The purpose of E-COMMoBILE is to change mentality from solo-car use into sharing mobility.  In this contexte we aim to increase the modal part of 2% in 2014  to 10% daily biking in 2020, also in middle sized agglomerations in western Europe. 

b Professionnals: does the transition into sharing transports seems complicated to you? We will guide you with our partners affiliated to organisms as the Fédération des Usagers de la Bicyclette and the Association Prévention Routière Our trainings, events and information apply to all english- and frenchspeaking public.  Feel free to contact us.  

b Are you an WE-share partner in environment, health care, economics, solidarity, security or education? Our simple and efficient cybermarketing will facilitate your missions. Ask for a taylor made offer.

Do you need an Smartphone app « My Daily Biking Guide» with audio visual GPS ? Let’s develop a sustainable and comfortable solution together.

E+, Judith UN | Owner of E-COMMoBILE Consultancy

E-COMMoBILE nuggets:

Urban Biking School VELOsurSAONE | Tour de Reines | Candidate Talents du Vélo 2012 & 2013 | Enquête Velo du Grand Chalon

 6+ french sectors followed | 90% less Co2 | 500+ trips A2B with bike  | 600+ quality links  | 3000+ SEO photos |

Projets: PArtage & Mobilités Actives | Cargo Bike Training Centre

Activité Libérale 507 672 434 00010 | N° de formation: 26 71 02327 71

Respecting Copyrights and 0-paper  Google+, InstagramLinkedIn, SkypeTwitter & Viadeo


À propos de ECOMMoBILE France

Project Eco Mobility Burgundy since 25/11/2011 Status Professional Trainee Chalon sur Saône 336 31 79 03 20 skype ecomoblie71 facebook ecommobile google Judith / Projet Eco Mobilité Member of associations FUB, French Federation of Bike Users, VELOsurSAONE and Road Safety in SAONE-ET-LOIRE, BURGUNDY, FRANCE

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