Bonjour! As daily bike coaches, we aim to change mentality into sustainable mobility. Why should this be important in life? What if we would bring back balance in climat, natures language?    Between the 11th and 16th of June this year, there will be the second French Daily Bike Mobility Initiator training, called IMV, using we-share transport & accommodation as classroom, immerging in exemplary cycle amenities between Paris-Nijmegen-Amsterdam-Utrecht & Burgundy during the Cargo Bike Festival & world congres Velocity 2017.  Programm & details in French, with 6 days itinerary on page 5 
This years special event during the training: FAITH_10%_DAILY_BIKING_CC_LOGOS.jpg
Our Bike Mobility trainings in french (located in Burgundy)
Context french fietsersbond: Fédération des Usagers de la Bicyclette .
  formation_imv_bike_mobility_ecommobile_france (140)

À propos de ECOMMoBILE France

Project Eco Mobility Burgundy since 25/11/2011 Status Professional Trainee Chalon sur Saône 336 31 79 03 20 skype ecomoblie71 facebook ecommobile google Judith / Projet Eco Mobilité Member of associations FUB, French Federation of Bike Users, VELOsurSAONE and Road Safety in SAONE-ET-LOIRE, BURGUNDY, FRANCE


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