Our team whishes you health, mobility, security, accessibility, prosperity and balance in 2013, some of the benefits you can easily obtain by utility BIKING! 


E-COMMoBILE CONSEIL is a modern french concept  to help changing mentality towards sustainable mobility.

Are you playing a role in eco-mobility? I propose simple and effective online marketing. Contact me for a personalized quote.

Does the transition into a Sustainable Mode seem complicated to you? We will guide you in BURGUNDY FRANCE with our partners VELOsurSAONE & Road Safety (71).  Our Eco- Mobility & Road Safety trainings, information and events are at your disposal.

Do you miss a Smartphone application « My Guide Utility Bike» with GPS and audiovisual options? Together we can develop a lasting and comfortable solution for Europe.

E+ Judith, owner of E-COMMoBILE CONSEIL.

E-COMMoBILE achievements:
Urban Biking School VELOsurSAONE
Survey Velo Grand Chalon
Candidate Talents Bike 2012

50 + target groups followed on internet
90% reduction in Co2 established
150 + door-to-door bike trips
300 + quality contacts
1000 + optimized pictures

Respecting Copyright and 0-paper
INSEE Registration Number 507 672 434 0001


À propos de ECOMMoBILE France

Project Eco Mobility Burgundy since 25/11/2011 Status Professional Trainee Chalon sur Saône 336 31 79 03 20 skype ecomoblie71 facebook ecommobile google Judith / Projet Eco Mobilité Member of associations FUB, French Federation of Bike Users, VELOsurSAONE and Road Safety in SAONE-ET-LOIRE, BURGUNDY, FRANCE

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